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The Prince Chair - Wolfe Woodworking Helps AZ Military Families.

Master woodworker Randy Wolfe created this custom hand-crafted wood chair with custom paint job and graphic overlay for a charity auction event IFDA TAKE A SEAT. Proceeds go to Military Assistance Mission.

"The event opportunity was brought to my attention at about the same time the musician Prince passed away. As a fan, I was moved to honor him through this avant-garde, philanthropic, creative expression.".......Randy Wolfe

ABOUT THE CHAIR: The "symbol" is made of 24 pieces of 1/8" thick plywood stack lamination in a arc'd mold. We routed it, many times over and sanded to perfection.

The seat and legs are made of 22 pieces of 3/4" plywood stack lamination and then hand carved to perfection.

Finished with a custom paint job by 'Norman' and full color graphic applied to the back by Dan.

Over 80 hours were devoted to this project.

"This one of a kind piece was a joy to make and allowed me to express my inspiration in different ways then I usually get a chance to."....Randy Wolfe

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