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N Scottsdale High Gloss Black

The high gloss black dining set was already in the home. The cabinetry was built to match. In the background is the TV surround with base cabinetry storage. In the foreground of the photo is the short half wall with finished back that transitions into a L-shaped window seat. The cabinetry is finished with a technique often used on $1 million automobiles. It requires several coats and careful buffing that result in a mirror finish. It is the most difficult because it shows any microscopic flaw. You can actually see yourself in this finish.

This large piece of custom furniture is made from cherry. All doors and drawer fronts are solid fronts with ergonomic openings (using no handles) per the client’s request. Notice the tight fit to the ceiling!

This TV surround conceals stereo equipment on custom shelving which is accessed by pulling the TV out. It is supported by a substantial mounting bracket. The base cabinetry on both sides is 29" deep maximizing storage with drawers behind the doors.

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